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"Thine Alabaster Cities Gleam, Undimmed by Human Tears"

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Are you interested in Rife systems?

Spectrotek Services announces the SSQ-2F

A Rife Plasma Tube system Controller for Rife-Beam-Ray systems operating at 3.1 MHz.

- Single power supply - Sine wave audio input - Works from a computer, CD player, MP3 player or Audio Generator - No soldering! - Available assembled or in kit form -

For complete Technical details and Pricing, please visit us at http://rife-beam-ray.com

American Flag

You Have Awakened a Sleeping Giant, and His Resolve is Ironclad

September 11, 2001

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My Hurricane Katrina video and photos are still available. There are still great areas of the city that are still ruined and abandoned. The news reports cannot even begin to describe how bad the damage is. You can see a little of the destruction by looking at the photos on my web site HERE. The last file (near the bottom of the page) is a video file showing the arrival of the flood waters at the WVUE-TV transmitter site, which was swamped with more than 12 feet of water in just a few minutes.

Please visit my Amateur Radio web site at w5jgv.com

Click HERE for still pictures from the Florida Teslathon 2003

Click HERE for low-res movies from the Florida Teslathon 2003

Click HERE for pictures from North High School, Columbus, Ohio, "North On The Fourth"

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